We promise to complete a project that is ‘Liveable’.
All people that use a building and its surrounding areas need to feel safe and find the facilities easy to use.

We focus on making our projects accessible for people of all ages, capabilities and disabilities.

Accessible Buildings

If your project requires compliance with the Access to Premises Standards, Access First Constructions are the builders for you. With an experienced access consultant and team of experienced builders on hand at all times we can provide the best solution for your building project needs.

If you are building from scratch Access First Constructions will make sure that all of the required access compliance issues are addressed in the planning stage before construction starts.

If you have an existing building that needs to be accessible, Access First Construction can assess the building and address the issues that need to comply. With many years of experience behind us we provide the best and most economical solution to provide compliance with the standards and codes required.

Adaptable Buildings

As an aging population, many people are looking towards their needs for the future, not only financially but in their housing requirements. A building that is easily adaptable to suit the needs of its occupants make good sense.

Access First Constructions embraces many of the current building trends that meet these needs such as:

  • Wider doorways and corridors
  • Open plan living
  • Indoor/outdoor rooms
  • Step-less doorways
  • One level living
  • Larger bathrooms with walk-in showers
  • Lever style taps and door handles and
  • Kitchen drawers instead of hinged cupboard doors

These are just a few of the features that prove that good access is great design.

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